Midnight, Part III

Angels, aliens and afrits
Nazis and space people
Rocket Zero
Different magics
Newly resurrected
Powerful land

Science and alchemy
Religion, magic and physics
Who the ancient astronauts left
Greys and Reptiles
Sand and soul power
The location of many revelations

Laboratories and nuclear bunkers
Chimeras and human experimentation
Ovens and totalitarianism
Radioactive test sites and people from another planet
Space age
Alchemy and selling souls

Mental institutions and Mittlebau Dora
Contact with another galaxy
We were ready for the future
Returned to another star
Cursed inheritance
Spliced genes
Destroyed soul energy

Alchemy and fascism
Cannibals, human lab rats and zombies
Sins of the past
Cancers, mutations and contact with extraterrestrials
Deprived of sleep
Peak dystopia
An Evil remnant

Serial killers and macabre descendants
Went bump in the night
Rosaries and spaceships
Site of untold suffering, bloodshed and alchemy
Transmutations taken too far
Time travel and saving shamans of the past
Life-giving marsh mud

Saved by confronting the terrors of the past
Buy us time
Re-run everything from four years ago
A happy lesbian hero returns home
Living in the future
Finally, ready to revisit the present
Marriage and gay life