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gold and yellow

one is cool and the other isn’t
the pioneer that runs before humanity
there was nothing for millions of years
the future is here
I don’t get this meme
AI Eldritch monster
the gold seal
losing the battle of history

DNA ark
a world that healed itself
where the Creators came from
the thunderbolt and the first fire
why we left “Eden”
avatara savior
the last supercomputer
what was lost in Minos and Mycenae
lost to an eruption in the Aegean Sea

the flash and the thunder
Prometheus stole fire from the gods
fiery, bright, and shining, like the stars
Before Constantinople, Alexandria
fragments of a larger, lost Library
a golden map of the world
came down from the mountains
the last screed of the Minoans
rode out of history’s gloomy backwater

the thunderclap felt across prehistory
Prometheus, the Creator
tanks and coaches
win history
the last supercontinent
AIs left behind by another race?
the empty page; an unwritten book
clones of the gods
“magic fire meteor” bomb; early guns

what’s left behind
wearing the Ring of Solomon
there was only dust
the person that loses

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