We only have today, tomorrow, and yesterday

rock paper scissors
How the Modern World was made
three goats
Opening the Gate of Heaven
dog fish bird
Virus evolutions, permutations, and mutations
cave ghost underworld
The Wind that Shakes the Branches
the Cold War

Angels from the Other Side
epic mid-air kick
A fight with human evolution
abandoned lab
the Many-eyed Mask of an “angel” or god
warped World Tree – Nature destroyed
inorganic organic esper
Trying to find the next future
Alice in Wonderland Mario

Can’t evolve everyone
hidden power
one last thing
The whole separates into the part
guardians of time
This Loser Life
a perfect dream
Hive mind beast in the cloud; totality
elevator to the top

Final Instrument of Preservation
in a house
after the waterfall
The Pyramid of Providence
one thousand puns
invisible presence
rainbow ghost
razor lipstick
Heavenly Palm

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I’m ready for a life without you

Immense Eldritch entity from space
Dill Pickle Cider
The Inverted Triangle
do not continue
The Wrath of Asura
Bottomless Mimosas and Tequila Shots
Meat or Eggs
The Universal Solvent
Sterile Chickens
Meatloaf Cupcakes

Tangent Deficit
bronze gauntlet
Rock, Paper, Lizard, Sock
Speaking English in Iceland
Hungry Tribe-Members
Consciously Aware
market whisperer
Kentucky Boiled Chicken (KBC)
Way Back Never

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here!