The Love App Environment

Love Alarm, a Korean show, on Netflix, is like social media meets science fiction - Ghost in the Shell, for the romantic drama genre. The titular app works on various indicators like heart rate, respiratory rate, perspiration, and so forth. Love Alarm and Heart Shield are fictional apps that operate like the mind and the … Continue reading The Love App Environment

Hologram Love

"My Holo Love" is really good; this show is everything I was talking about, in my last post: augmented reality, Google glass/smart glasses, driverless cars, smart homes and the Internet of things. Holograms marry advancements in AI, since the widespread use of digital personal assistants, like Siri and Alexa, with augmented reality, already in some … Continue reading Hologram Love

The Circle, Week 2: Real/Fake

Alex/Adam I’m still your cuddle toy. – Alex/Adam Sammie immediately reads that Alex/Adam's profile pic looks like it's straight out of an ad, or a commercial. You have two Adams, with the addition of Bill – so, there's definitely a fake, or a catfish. Real Adam vs. Catfish Adam. People are on to Alex. Something's … Continue reading The Circle, Week 2: Real/Fake

Frozen II – The Shaman Queen

Leaders are the bridge between nature and the people - like how Bifrost connects Asgard and Earth. Shamanic royalty or elected officials are immersed in the elements and their spirits - the salamanders, the sylph, the undines and the gnomes. Alchemy. Paracelsus. My predictions for Frozen 2 came true, partially. Elsa is called to find … Continue reading Frozen II – The Shaman Queen