Rome kept moving east
the Romantic and the symbolic
god of gambling, god of love, god of desire
The Snake of Eden, Kekule’s Snake
your desire to participate in the world
a portal at the confluence of rivers
give purpose and meaning to my life
Uncovering the Map of Heaven
Psychic power plant

In defense of the Asura
everyone kept trying to recreate Rome
the hand behind Merkabah; ascent to the throne-room
god’s Kingdom
When you jump down the rabbit hole
It came from Underground
beef and smoke
warm, honey, summery tunes
conversion and transmutation

the sea of data
wavelength distortions, data flow
Toonami childhood
twelve lives, twelve Houses
Ice and the Spacegate
The Protective Circle
Sanctified to the Net
phase distortion
underground desert temple

the Lords of Eurasia
juxtaposed aesthetical elements
an ancient artifact, without name
a chain of ions
regeneration chrysalis: phoenix
the world city
household shrine
The Supernumerary
the future is real

modern century
the future is now
the navel of the world
Rerouted Another Way

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there is no i

synthetic hormones
Hacked together into one
the body is on a less evolved plane
you must verify your existence
Scary Genes
EM waves of pure energy, psi
Iron Ore in the Sand
information terminal, upgraded processor
Deer, Wolves, and Pigs

she is me
Children of the tree god
I only feel safe on the Net
micromachines, nanomachines
overcoming the new hyper-evolved species
vascular endothelial growth factor
What Found Us
you are me
Aliens and Espers in a Lab Somewhere

Internet Protocol, IP
A species’ half-life
high school and junior high
A Scam Perpetrated Against Heaven
the border between the internet and the real world
The Nuclear Eye
speed of brain calculations
cosmic ray static
infinite spirit in a finite body

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here!