Classical Elements

Pokemon Red 2

One Liners

With society crumbling from within, can a band of former lab experiments pick their way through the ruins?

5 AM Fire

Where was Seth? Under his visor, Eric’s eyes jumped around wildly. All around him were orange waves of heat and fear.

A Flood

Water gushed in through the basement windows. Steve stood knee-deep in water, trying to grab old boxes of mementos. He didn’t notice the faulty wiring.


Covered in ice, the helicopter blades began to catch. The pilot began the procedures for a controlled landing.


Bob lassoed Ben with the heavy rope. Ben was crying. “Don’t move,” yelled Rob, in the jungle heat, “You’ll sink faster!”

Ghost Story

Leah moved the flowers from the vase to the trash. Given to her by Lara, the carnations had already begun to rot. All the plants in the house were dying, wilting in the spring.

shadow region