Midnight, Part I

a seance with the other sidesummoning beings into our worldthe world of fleshphysical realitybone pit ghostlyshrouded phantomburial clothqueen of monsterspsychic powers from outer space a transmutation circle drawn with bloodharnessing the power of djinnthe invocation of the true namebinding and tetheringastral projectionshamans sitting around the fire sacrificed in front of the altar of Horusthe invincible … Continue reading Midnight, Part I

Halloween, Part II

Red Angel of Death the Firstborn avenging angel ancestors the false god invoking angels summoning angels poppets and cauldrons alchemy sympathetic magic the best and the worst of the shadows collective spiritual energies old magics protection in the storm the blood of the ancestors warlock blood my father, the full warlock the shaman people the … Continue reading Halloween, Part II

Nazi Rocket, Part II

witchy formula alligator woman organic chemistry aerodynamics rockets and explosives demo team black powder chemical equations and TNT shamans and warlocks and alchemists from cracking divination bones, over a fire, to science radar-silent airplanes dyes, film, plastics and pharmaceuticals rocket test firing at the eternal zero the bicycle wheel of the sun scattering tarot cards, … Continue reading Nazi Rocket, Part II

Nazi Rocket

the Brits took the Arabs from the Turks the Brits gave the Arabs to the Americans the Arabs were traded from one empire, to another - Turks, Brits, Americans whoever controls Arabia, controls the world the Ottoman Empire - the Sick Man of Europe, before World War I Alexander the Great - from Egypt to … Continue reading Nazi Rocket


zombies in the Everglades shamans, witches and alchemists island dance around a bonfire swamp folk songs life and regeneration swamp mysticism the blood of the young generations, blood magic and youth health energy and life-force the succession of generations sacrificing Isaac stifled by the previous generation half-beast lured into the labyrinth ancient shaman rituals blood … Continue reading Resurrection