Midnight, Part II

torture, mutilation
Nazi doctors working in insane asylums
the edge of society
afrits and aliens
alchemy and summoning djinn
a female Antichrist
the dragon spreads its wings

Pavlov and conditioned responses
cause and effect
a mechanical universe
not everything can be explained
things that don’t make sense
rationality and the Other Side

transmutation energy
power in alchemic reactions
labs, asylums and the spirit world
in touch with the Beyond
psychics, espers and alchemists
shamanism and science
nuclear fission
djinn assistance, from behind the Veil

science, alchemy and magic
equations, transmutation circles, blood and bones
cracking femurs over the fire
a new world
written in the formula
old and new magic

aliens and lab experiments
sacrifices to the gods
old alchemists and Nazis
mutations and transmutations
long life and eternal damnation
chimeras and tests that went horribly wrong
created a new monster
a clone with psychic powers
new genes
turned into something non-human