the sky over the sea

left to drift gently
the rain at night
pressed into new shapes
Stuck Between Worlds
a copy of a god
the world we made
to catch a badger
climbing the Tree of Life

Empty, like the Sky
Scraped from the bottom
A new standalone species
The Snake that Bites the Roots of the Tree
Angels from the Ring of Fire
Evolved completely and totally
Cellphone external cyberbrain
The New Nonsense
A Quantum World of Everything

The Color of the Sky When We Broke Up
The shapes of human minds
Identity and connection
Immortality Code
Fighter jets vs. Angels
The New Life of a higher species
Theoretical beings of another world
Transmutation Energy pool
path through a hyper-networked cloud

In Defense of Identity
Fierce god, Glorious Nobody
Your Genes are Trash
bitcoin oligarchy
Caretaker of Empires
Primordial pool of memory goop
A Personality That is Thin
The Eye of Regeneration
First to evolve, Last to be discovered

Jacob’s ladder of evolution
Ripped the Temple Veil in two
International Mana Pool
Remote Hypothesis

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 8/14/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. All art belongs to the original artists.

Locked behind the Veil

fluffing the edges
what was lost at Santorini
sea lane veins in the Dardanelles
lost secrets of Minoan Knossos
forgotten mysteries of history
just another pig in the sty
just more tears to cry
poverty of thinking
from euphoria comes clarity

and suddenly the fog lifted
listening to the rain, fall at night
summer beach wind
live your life out loud
bail out and fail out
blackening, reddening, whitening
the handsome blue, of the evening
the creation of god
angels are, by definition, fiery

late-night rain wind
New Wave mumbling
broke free of the body
see love, at the bottom of a wine glass
the rush and the tide of history
sci-fi future and fantasy past
summoning summer emotions
the limits of the human entity
reworked back to “god”

still asking for worth and approval
god of the rain wind
One star, one heavenly city
digital past; only one future
met your future self already
contradictory feedback loop
the origin of the Indo-Europeans
lost to prehistory and the early earth
still searching for the Answer

loneliness and strangers
what was known – and then un-known
abandoned by history
one thunderclap, racing through time

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 7/24/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved.