breaking the stone bridge
made of star radiation
a line that runs through Eurasia
the Pocky stick snaps
no words for what you’re feeling
at the precipice of faith
they wanted to believe
mutual understanding with others
The roads of Bimini

onslaught of a mathematical “angel”
unfolding net configuration matrix
Inherent to the country of “Heaven”
not your seonbae’s bitcoin
saying much, while meaning little
energy rays distorting time and space
gods of the old world
earnings whisperer
fluent in internet

thinking in money
a hologram, not a hack
the true form of the “angel”
Giant Forest Guardian Spirit
Onboard AI course correction
the birth of a lower sentient species
directionless, somewhere in the universe
Without a backward glance
Realm of the gods

aliens from the spirit world
a more ancient world
her last devoted friend
Forgotten Tuesday
it’s saying goodbye
love older than the sea
told what to be
dusty roads of history
futuristic petrol station

the hero you wanted to be
just a mess of errors
sacrifices and petty surrenders
home of the memers

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 7/17/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. All art, not from the author, belongs to the original artists. This particular work is a Tarot card, from A. E. Waite’s Rider-Waite deck.

Life at Night

return of the night wind
living in the future
Pocky Storm
fruit of a poisonous Tree
invited a Snake into the Garden
veins that flow with angel’s blood
sparks scattered at the dawn of creation
future funk summer
The Bridge Camper

Error Error
a cycle that keeps circling
watching the rain fall
lion cloud dog
sailor of the wind
icy blue ’80s
inherited angel’s blood
seek the power of the night
going to have to go all the way up

an angel vampire, that comes out at night
rain wind ceremony
Simps and Reverse Cards
Smooth jazz guitar
Predator of the Sun
Adventures in House
Chekhov’s law of potency
seven nades

the Casual Camper
Win the potato
Amon Gamer
alien lighting “god”
electromagnetic anomalies
quintessential space guitar
Internet Muziks
Pocky Village
Magickal thinking

house music is very summery
rolling thunder, in the atmosphere
high-quality electronic musicks
meme drinks

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 7/28/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved.