Quantum Future


The rain poured down in the park. The gray skies let out the backlog of several weeks of humidity.

Alli sat on a bench, under a black umbrella. She watched the ducks paddle around in the man-made pond.

She wore black leather shoes and gray slacks. The clouds rolled low, descending on the plaza, forming a fog that hugged the spires of buildings.

The fields, below the myriad hills, were water-logged and flooded. Raindrops fell into the silver water, between the fiery green blades of grass, poking up through the deluge.

Alli thought of the esper lab, the Zener deck – and she thought of Nealy.

It had been raining all morning, without letting up. Alli got up, rainwater sloshing off the umbrella and landing around her shoes, getting her socks wet. She took off in the direction of Midtown.

how it should be