The Circle: Very Catfishy

I'm always right, 25% of the time. - Joey It’s a little strange to catfish as your significant other, especially if you're going to go into the game as a single person. Why over-complicate an already complicated game? It's already hard to be yourself, in real life, much less on The Genius or Survivor, where … Continue reading The Circle: Very Catfishy

Frozen II – The Shaman Queen

Leaders are the bridge between nature and the people - like how Bifrost connects Asgard and Earth. Shamanic royalty or elected officials are immersed in the elements and their spirits - the salamanders, the sylph, the undines and the gnomes. Alchemy. Paracelsus. My predictions for Frozen 2 came true, partially. Elsa is called to find … Continue reading Frozen II – The Shaman Queen

Space Angel

a thousand generations in love with the ancestor life force overflowing with life she has generated life I have the potential to generate life respected elder power bottom younger stud energy and biorhythms biorhythms and bioacoustics the antichrist and the three-headed dragon pure life force ancestor energy happy energy the promised land the land of … Continue reading Space Angel

New Orleans, Part II

pet zombie abomination sex magic party zombie girlfriend hot sex magic voodoo and zombies raising people from the dead creating new life the first alchemists female scientists youth, aging, and beauty Bimini’s Fountain of Youth came back wrong Elixirs of Youth and national transmutation circles can't get something for nothing can't get life and eternal … Continue reading New Orleans, Part II

New Orleans

older ghosts sacrificed to the Elder Gods more ancient and more cruel gods blood will spill reclaim and re-consecrate the land, with the shedding of blood burnt offering the shepherd's bloody return the final sacrifice plague rat cursed invoking djinn pool of darkness hammer of God swamp witch summoning djinn and invoking the Elder Gods … Continue reading New Orleans