Nighttime for Vampires

Alli met Jeff on a bustling, hot, sticky night in New York, at the Blue Fin restaurant in Times Square. She was eating a few bar peanuts before Jeff arrived. Jeff was a djinn, specifically an afrit. No one would have been able to tell, unless they were looking for the signs: the deep, ruddy … Continue reading Nighttime for Vampires


BB: Kaitlyn, the Macbeth

That echoing clapback, coming for Kaitlyn, is rolling over the hills: Haleigh, Rockstar and Faysal are livid. Poor Swaggy C/Christopher is in shock. Kaitlyn is going home next. She thinks she has won, but she has lost! When Tyler was HOH, everything was placid; under Kaitlyn, everything has just been a PR catastrophe. Kaitlyn has so much … Continue reading BB: Kaitlyn, the Macbeth


Cai took Dan to a tailor, and that evening they appeared at The Alley Cat - a premier entertainment venue, featuring on its stage, every night, diverse acts, from contortionists and disappearing magicians, to traveling troupes of escape artists. Circular tables, covered with black tablecloths, were each lit with one red candle, in a circular … Continue reading Drain