Pluto in Scorpio


Ran appeared in the main room of Labyrinth. White strobe lights, from the dance floor, illuminated her head from behind, giving her red-orange hair the aura of a halo. Her suit was a shade of navy-blue so dark, it looked almost black. She wore a white pocket square.

Karen watched this all from her seat at the largest bar in the club, the countertop a plastic shell, lit from within, by a white light. Another woman was with Ran, but Karen didn’t see her. She only saw Ran.

She sipped her drink – a martini, made with Scotch – and watched them meet another couple: a woman in a lilac dress and a second woman in a leather jacket and a white T-shirt, with her hair pulled into a top-knot and shaved high and tight.

Who are these people you’ve fallen in with? Karen wondered, stirring her drink with a cocktail straw, They’re so unlike you. They don’t befit someone who was a best-selling author at age twenty-two.

The group moved to the other side of the room, to the hallway and lounge. Karen got up and went outside. A taxi stopped for her and she got in her ride home.

will o wisp