The Diving Bell

please come back

Alli walked across the bottom of the pool, in a T-shirt and shorts, keeping her arms out to maintain her balance. Her breath rattled around in the metal skull; she looked out of the grate of the diving helmet. Underwater, the weaker gravity made the apparatus feel a little gentler on her shoulders.

She was awash in the warm water. But she was also awash in the static and comms of New York City, far away. She shifted the focus of her mind, like tuning an antenna, and different frequencies faded in and out. In the water, the signal of her mind was amplified. The radius of her reach was expanded, without her expending any greater energy on her part.

One voice rang out among the many, with greater expectancy and urgency. Downtown, in a quaint bistro, Nancy, the lab assistant, was reading the phone book. Alli homed in on this singular signal and broadcasted it back to the tower. Transmit and receive. Her training was complete.

the future is already here


“On the Nightway” – Admo

Pluto in Scorpio


Ran appeared in the main room of Labyrinth. White strobe lights, from the dance floor, illuminated her head from behind, giving her red-orange hair the aura of a halo. Her suit was a shade of navy-blue so dark, it looked almost black. She wore a white pocket square.

Karen watched this all from her seat at the largest bar in the club, the countertop a plastic shell, lit from within, by a white light. Another woman was with Ran, but Karen didn’t see her. She only saw Ran.

She sipped her drink – a martini, made with Scotch – and watched them meet another couple: a woman in a lilac dress and a second woman in a leather jacket and a white T-shirt, with her hair pulled into a top-knot and shaved high and tight.

Who are these people you’ve fallen in with? Karen wondered, stirring her drink with a cocktail straw, They’re so unlike you. They don’t befit someone who was a best-selling author at age twenty-two.

The group moved to the other side of the room, to the hallway and lounge. Karen got up and went outside. A taxi stopped for her and she got in her ride home.

will o wisp