deep ice

wastelands of sand and decay
forgotten empires, in the desert
trash dreams
eel grotto cavern
through the veil
we came down from the sky
vampires never get old
the king of the bats
buried in Dark Atlantis

something primordial
ancient desert worm
the fountains that hold up the earth
pour out a vial of hatred
Godzilla-like “angel”
put the sky at your feet
the other world
eel hole grotto
stand in an ash circle

run-down ramparts, on the outskirts
all timelines, all parallel dimensions
a star and a cake
the Atlantean
almost beautiful
the sun is too bright
pain smiles
statues in the desert
bright winters

deserts are older
the 1000-year reincarnation of Indra
the sky is beneath you
dragons are supposed to fly
the breath of decay
1991. annus mirabilis.
springs left over from Eden
mourning for a lost probable future
Santorini, Greek mythology, and Atlantis

ruins, that weren’t really ruins at all
beyond the North
into the sandstorm
one cannot exist without a shadow

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 10/10/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. All art, not from the author, belongs to the original artists.

biting the vampire

magically potent nine tails
quantum being, from another dimension
formulaic mythical genealogy
spirits of the trees and the rivers
in the immediate modern future
an entire world up there, at the top of the earth
history, culture, and geography
an epic age
angel alien god

creative reflections of who you really are
surviving the wreckage of history
make the rest of history come true
byproducts of a quest for immortality
on a ship to an uncertain future
created from the death of a god
The Long Road of Prehistory
smoke resting on the air; hazy room
driving a buggy with no tires on it

Prometheus and Loki; heights, depths
counterfactuals vs. predestination
put a Question to the Answer
clamping down, holding on
disciples of the anti-hero legend
feel like you’re brave or something
I said goodbye
can’t be the hero
something in actuality

the feel of the air, in summer
a blend of Hawaii and India
the one who lost
to be your devoted friend
when we were close
the relationship ends
see in pieces
the first gasp of the modern world
can’t be earnest

who won and who lost
told what it’s not, not what it is
lost to a shadowy prehistory
extinguishing the shout across history

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 7/20/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved.