repeated sound

overwritten layer, false memories
Guardians of a magickal order on the astral plane
god of trash
pyro reverse measurement
The Pull of Dominance
the picture arises, out of the noise
the cosmos, the world, and the moon
what counts as social justice
A world that can now only exist in our hearts

penguins, ducks, and chickens
independent, your own team
Thrash, Part II
military promotion, rank of Major
Cosmic karma balance cleared
Snake Eater and Light Bearer
the dream unit is formed
The Asura of Wrath

angry “angel”
virus transmission route
max magickal power
secrets hidden from the beginning of the world, with coded language
the Asura of Rage
the ghost dies when the body dies
avatar of god
call on the gods of the old world
smashed idol

Psychic weight
Magick is the Great Equalizer
personal Net
a sacred space, a sacred circle
Hairy scars
mobile land mine
becoming the “angel”
Poke holes in the sky
always c. 1983, in your heart

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