New Orleans, Part II

pet zombie abomination
sex magic party
zombie girlfriend
hot sex magic
voodoo and zombies
raising people from the dead
creating new life

the first alchemists
female scientists
youth, aging, and beauty
Bimini’s Fountain of Youth
came back wrong
Elixirs of Youth and national transmutation circles

can’t get something for nothing
can’t get life and eternal youth, without slaughter and death
the Philosopher’s Stone, made of blood
fire, blood, snakes and eggs
fiery sex magic transmutation circle
a circle of embers

chimeras in the attic
magic, alchemy and science
stem cells and chimeras
Circe’s lab
Minotaurs and Frankenstein monsters
corpse man

body farms in CA and TX
visiting freezers, in the morgue
population control meets infertility
genes and mutations
stitching together the perfect person
science experiments upstairs

blood and pancreas – givers of Eternal Youth
undying vampires
swamp house recluse
freshwater and saltwater healing pool
brackish resurrection water
ions and lightning
reanimated alligators

saltwater crocodile
awake after sleeping for two centuries
old age and new life
successful head transplants
dying at 146 years old
modern medicine