The Promise


Dan exhaled into the darkness of the motel room. He sat, relaxed, reclining flat-out on the beige sofa. The light of the crescent moon filtered through the blinds.

The cat-like figure of Cai stole through the apartment. Dan could just make out his outline in the hallway. He could tell that Cai, was nervous, shooting him furtive glances in the gloom, thinking that he couldn’t see.

Cai stood in front of Dan, inviting him forward. Dan stood up and faced Cai. “I normally don’t kiss on the first date,” Cai laughed. His innocence was endearing, in a counter-intuitive kind of way.

Dan took his hands and pulled him closer. Cai put his long arms around Dan’s neck. He could feel the promise of Cai’s security in the strong hands on his shoulders. He wanted to understand the mystery.