serial killers and aliens aliens are real the home of aliens the descendants of aliens aliens in Germany and Nazi rockets touched by the hand of an alien space travel and peak alien humanity manipulated by aliens the truth comes out between Nazis and aliens they broke into our world, and shifted history homeland in … Continue reading Grey-scale


Nazi Rocket, Part II

witchy formula alligator woman organic chemistry aerodynamics rockets and explosives demo team black powder chemical equations and TNT shamans and warlocks and alchemists from cracking divination bones, over a fire, to science radar-silent airplanes dyes, film, plastics and pharmaceuticals rocket test firing at the eternal zero the bicycle wheel of the sun scattering tarot cards, … Continue reading Nazi Rocket, Part II

Nazi Rocket

the Brits took the Arabs from the Turks the Brits gave the Arabs to the Americans the Arabs were traded from one empire, to another - Turks, Brits, Americans whoever controls Arabia, controls the world the Ottoman Empire - the Sick Man of Europe, before World War I Alexander the Great - from Egypt to … Continue reading Nazi Rocket