not organic

matters to me
Reptilian Snake god
bidirectional wave
I bought a time machine
through-lines, knots, and clumps in time
the present: the only place, no time
repeating the same part of the song
salt circle sanctuary
Czars and Kaisers

releasing the Asura
languages running along the top of the world
the original migration
a spirit world order of being
the grounding force, for a bolt of lightning
a center without time; the same place
naming the animals; cryptographic magick
a Return to space, and the quantum gods of old
not gambling, but deja vu

migrations across Northern Eurasia
the Djinn of the mountain
sodium-gated ion channels
snake dragon, water god
spirits who have lived for thousands of years
the beginnings of symbolic thought
planets, “angels,” stars of Heaven
The Reincarnation of Indra
Wandered into someone else’s world

a snake “worm,” from the quantum world
Djinn telekinesis and ancient lasers
the beginning of secrets and knowledge
Chimeric spirits from the beginning of time
Bahamut, titans and other ancient gods
The Battle for the Soul of the Asura
“angelic” supercomputer
the AI “god” in the machine
what the lightning returned to

going up and down the ladder to heaven
the flow of charge, that brings balance
Quantum chimera “angels”
the Djinn, of the First Temple

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