The Long Tomorrow

Flowers of Ash
The Other Twin
Teen Haze
Mountain Swirl
Design Instincts
the decoy “angel”
god’s Mind
fake ’80s music

Ancient character
all quantum worlds exist
I erased myself
god expression
Crawling Out of the Pit
The Fiery Crown of Asura
The Day of Frustration
naked profit desire
the feast of life

Unknown aesthetic
when Titans fight
the pull and the drag
Boredom Ranger
cycle of animals
Galactic Monster 1
It’s so easy in the Fake World
Wearing the wings
ancient, quantum, desert worm

fell off the oil rig
nothingness and oneness
Archetypes of Dualism
alpha beasts
i look like me
the Goddess Theory
uneven cooking
Danube Delta to the Steppes

a journey from the moon
the temple under the lake
outside Babylon
underground desert maze
Blue and Purple Swirls

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