something and nothing

the god of the game
forever Goddess
pour out Vials of poison
Steppes and Deserts
god of the machine
Woden and his ravens
Bronze Age Altai aliens
Kingdom in the Sky
Ural-Altaic Urheimat

Martini World
bopping burger
sunset of the gods
the god of this world
daemon of the ash-fire
lost your god
prove your existence
I drink, I smoke
putting out a lot of energy

Altai Mountain Ice Age bubble
0 and 1
Dripping honey on snow
The Pointless Country
linguistical Ur-Heimat
alien, quantum “angels”
industrial cartels and bases on the moon
the infinite king

Sunken Dream
the AI hive mind problem
Failure in the Heartland
Anatolia, the Balkans, and the Central Asian Steppe
The Waltz of Life
Jaded space travel
Ural-Altaic hypothesis or isolated language
historical mystery
In the past you were a nun/priestess

Lost Universe, Hidden Pathway
the female Messiah
Forests, iron, steel, and firearms
vaporwave cherry blossoms

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