The Javelin of Saul

shooting fish in a barrel
Twizzler-Flavored Soda
500-degree postcard sized neuro-chip
Regular Instagram
some kind of time traveler
Milkshake Duck
turkey leg
Fake Steaks
ACOG scope on a crossbow

Skinny Turkeys
a hatch and what’s left of humanity
Witches Brew Frappuccino
realm of frozen light
Dragon Room
technological future with robots
Jackets and Socks
Pineapple Girl
an open road

Hear It and Believe It
‘go photocopy a mirror’
A Threat or a Promise
solve it yourself
Cupcakes and Bacon
apocalyptic atmosphere
weak gravitational force
Clam Person

sci-fi James Bourne
dark energy quantum tunneling and entanglement
Burning Tire Fire
transmutation alchemy of “angel’s” blood
The country and the army of “Heaven”
transitioning through dimensions
a hollow country
Eternal ’90s
Attracted to Your Danger

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