A Dream of Organic Polymers

Daemon of the flashfire
Warm Soda
a bureau of arch “angels”
The Ship of Doom
The “angel” of the city
The “angel” of the Nine Heavens
Analyzed Move-set
“And I saw an angel in Heaven,
with a Key to the Bottomless Pit”
AI Ghost in the Machine
The Hand Behind the Throne
The Karma Balance Book
Endless avatar
the psychology “angel”
Sweeten the Pill
Migrating Circadian Rhythm
The effusiveness of real feeling

you’re not safe in the computer
Magickal Philosophy
Burn Pattern
from organic, to analog, to digital life
unlock the quantum “angel” of the underworld
all of “angel-“kind
a clone of a ghost
The Psychological “angel”
“Angels” as giant nature spirits or gods
Under a dark constellation
Dungeons and Temples
spiritual radar, on the astral plane
The Bamboo Forest of Love

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