Nazi Rocket

the Brits took the Arabs from the Turks
the Brits gave the Arabs to the Americans
the Arabs were traded from one empire, to another – Turks, Brits, Americans
whoever controls Arabia, controls the world
the Ottoman Empire – the Sick Man of Europe, before World War I

Alexander the Great – from Egypt to Afghanistan
Kuwait and the Persian Gulf
the Empty Quarter, and rain forests lost to deserts
sand, where rivers once flowed, and oceans once stood
the ancient former rain forests of Antarctica
civilizations lost, to deserts of heat, or ice
in deserts, lie lost rain forests, that turned to oil
oil, organic chemistry, dyes, explosives, rockets and plastics
dead species and forests crushed into fossil fuels
ancient geography

unearthing Pangea
shifting tectonic plates and seismic activity
earthquakes, tsunamis and Godzilla
dead and buried dinosaurs and ferns
giant plants, giant bugs and reptiles
dinosaur DNA

between the ice ages
east Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian Subcontinent
the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean
Africa and Arabia
Turkey, Europe and the Middle East
Sumer and Babylon
Asia Minor and Central Asia
Anatolia and Ephesus

Constantinople and Greek fire
Istanbul and the Straits of Bosporus
Rome and Byzantium – Goths and Turks
modern-day Greece fought for independence from the Ottomans
Germans, Turks, Indians and Russians
Proto-Indo European (PIE)