Another Time

time travel

Pisceans are old souls. A Pisces is a soul that has been through all the other signs before, as Pisces is the 12th and Final House. The soul of a Pisces has seen everything before already; it is hard to surprise a Pisces. Life holds many instances of Deja-vu for them. From their prior lives, in other signs and other Houses, Pisceans have a vast psychic inheritance.

Pisces is the last House, where the Zodiac Cycle moves beyond this life and into the Next. They are more attuned to the cosmic wheel of karma, and are thus more empathetic and just, as a result. They are focused on the big picture, the karmic flow of the universe.

Pisceans are a bridge between the worlds and are very interested in transcendence and humanity moving beyond its current hang-ups to a greater, more enlightened, existence. Pisceans are natural healers, chaplains, listeners, diviners, dowsers, and era-defining visionary leaders, e.g. George Washington and Albert Einstein. As the Piscean soul cycles out of the twelves Houses into the next world, he or she brings humanity to a higher plane.

The Pisces holds the secrets to the past lives that he or she has lived – and the subconscious motivations of any life that follows, in the new beginning of another cycle, as the old soul reincarnates anew. The Pisces that understands both this life and the one to come, is dynamically posed to be an and oracle, a visionary. This person knows a great deal, in terms of spiritual knowledge, and can understand the underpinnings of the ages.

The Pisces must learn to traverse many psychological landscapes, to spiral and reel the spirit farther and farther out in time and space, across generations, beyond ancestors, back to the beginning of time. The Pisces must learn and re-learn innovative ways to get back to different definitions of home.

Another time. Another place. Different emotions. But all still the same. One life. One Pisces. One unity. One reincarnation. A Pisces shouldn’t have been born in an earlier time; A Pisces has already lived in another time. That is the psychic and spiritual inheritance of a Pisces.

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Disclaimer: Astrology is an artificial, fictional system, used for fun and pop psychology.