Flash Freeze


Alli hadn’t been back there in half a decade. The sun was setting, making its slow, crepuscular descent. Alli sat on the park bench facing the water’s edge

The sea approached and receded. Alli sat, buttoned up in her winter coat, battling the January wind.

New Year’s Day.

They had spent New Year’s Day together. They had held mittened hands. Walked by Chinese groceries, with crustaceans hung up by their tails, fish markets that left the sidewalks slippery.

Now, Alli had no idea where she was. Dallas had disappeared into the lengthy line of Facebook friends.

Alli pulled up her collar against the chill. Summer days. December snow. “But here I am again,” Alli thought. The wind pushed the water. And endless cycle of oncoming waves.

The sun touched the horizon, bathing the bench and asphalt in a rough, red-orange glow. Dallas had never returned from Australia. Got lost somewhere along the way in Louisiana. Chasing new espers. Jan had been right.

The wind began to cut and Alli pulled further into her coat. Her cellphone rang; it was Dani, “Are you coming to the game?”

“I went to the store,” Alli said.

“Come by my house. Aspen just got here with beer.” Dani said.

“OK,” Alli replied. She ended the call, swiping the virtual red icon on the screen. She stared out over the vista, as the sky went from yellow to gray. Night was coming. The frigid wind picked up, pulling Big Gulp cups across the sidewalk.

Alli walked up and leaned on the railing. On the other side of the world, the sun was rising.

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コンシャスTHOUGHTS – 空バウンド (based on “The Glow of Love,” by Luther Vandross)


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