Halloween, Part II

Red Angel of Death
the Firstborn
avenging angel
the false god
invoking angels
summoning angels
poppets and cauldrons
sympathetic magic

the best and the worst of the shadows
collective spiritual energies
old magics
protection in the storm
the blood of the ancestors
warlock blood
my father, the full warlock
the shaman people
the blood bonds of love and the sacraments
freedom and power
the greatest alchemist of our generation
own your power
blood, baptism and salvation

the wild huntsman
the host of heaven
Wutende Heer
the red angel of death
horsemen released from hell
The Seventh Seal

teleportation and binding
the binding and the sacraments of love
binding, communion, marriage and consummation
prayer for protection

sanctified by the blood of the Ancestors
salvation from death
baptism and marriage
rite of the Firstborn
the limits of free will
blood oath
a pact of blood and spirit

my only begotten daughter, and heir
a twin girl, the heir – the firstborn
a newborn child, the chosen one
a baby girl, the Firstborn
hail to the Firstborn Shaman child!
my Firstborn, the fallen angel, Lilith
the Queen of Hell
dream science

BB: “Oh, It’s Happening, Sweetheart.” Bye Hay.

level 6 civil war

“Floaters, grab a life vest.”

Angela, the Ice Queen, did the logical thing, and threw those village idiots up on the block. But she isn’t yet ready to make an actual big move, and blow Tyler and Brett out of the water. C’mon Admiral Angela. Please do something. Sink Tyler’s battleship.

Worse, even when Angela put absolute morons Hay and Fessy up on the block, she still hid in the HOH room!! Why did she do that?? Fessy and Hay weren’t going to do anything to you Angela! Like tiny spiders, they’re more afraid of you, than you are afraid of them.

You did the right thing! As a true Ice #Queen, Angela should have hung out in the kitchen, and said, ‘Yes, I put you up – what are you going to do about it?”

Stop doing this Cowardly Lion nonsense. JC even had to convince Angela just to put up Hay and Fessy, and not Hay and Sam. Imagine how many pots of water, she would have to boil, with no heat, if she was going to put Tyler or Brett up. Work smarter, not harder!

Musical chairs at 180 bpm. JC is running on overdrive, pushing this Brett x Angela idiocy. Just calm down JC. King JC is sitting pretty, but just like Tyler with this #Tangela debacle, spinning around, JC is going to play well, for the entire game, only to mess it up, during the final moves.

Since JC lost Fessy as a host, he hasn’t really been himself. Still if Tyler, follows unfettered Fessy, down the road of tragic love, JC is still in the best position, to swoop in and win.

Fessy laughing, all the way to the block, was pure Greek or Shakespearean tragedy. Oedipus just stuck pins in his face. Sophocles rolled over in his grave. Tyler don’t let this become you!

Before, I had always maintained, that Fessy was just this nice, ordinary guy, in way over his head. But this whole Faleigh mess has brought out the worst in him. He looks desperate and pathetic.

Fessy is so happy that being OTB means more time with Hay. Tyler forgo cuddles in the HOH room, for the ultimate prize! You can get married, and buy a house and a car, once you and Angela have that $500K!! Ugh!