Psychic Thunder

The fog rolled down off the mountains. The streets were full of mist. Kaan walked through the night, past two-story flats. The buildings were shorter here, preserving the historic skyline. All the shops were closed, their storefronts covered by metal shutters. Sidewalks were slippery; puddles, from the rain earlier this evening, opened into gaping vistas … Continue reading Psychic Thunder

Elsa, Mewtwo and Taylor

"Ready for It," the music video. Immediate cultural touchstones: Pokémon, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Mother/EarthBound, Final Fantasy VII, Blade Runner. Taylor plays two sides of the dynamic in sci-fi and cyberpunk archetypes and tropes: 1) Mad scientists, half cyborgs, hackers. 2) Espers (Elsa, Akira), hidden lab experiment (Mewtwo, Akira), full cyborgs (Motoko). “In the … Continue reading Elsa, Mewtwo and Taylor


The parable of "Majora’s Mask" explores the real-world concept of masks. Boss Remains are masks and the masks you wear in the game are all of the legendary dead. Masks are artifacts that seal the spirit of the entity, sealing also his, her or its power. Wearing an entity’s mask gives you said being's “other … Continue reading Masks

The Bonfire

The Bonfire captures a pagan practice of the pre-Christian Celts, Britons and Scandinavians. It was a crepuscular practice marking the autumn equinox, when day would be swallowed by winter’s almost endless night, in the upper reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. The equinox was also a liminal time when the barrier between the physical world and the … Continue reading The Bonfire