BB: Not ‘Saved by the Bell’ AKA Tyler and His Minions


JC was never supposed to make it past Final 4. He doesn’t know Level 6 exists and by the virtue of Level 6 formerly having six people in it, JC wasn’t supposed to even make Final 6, either.

Tyler was never going to win the POV for JC. Veto Queen Kaycee won it and noms are staying the same. JC is just lucky that Winston, Rachel and Brett angered Tyler and messed up more than him.

Tyler, of course, knows JC was never going to the Final 2 but JC is taking a long journey toward this painful reality, that has existed since the beginning of the game. Tyler was never going to split up Kaycee and Angela, in the Double Eviction. JC is lucky that he and Hay or even he and Sam didn’t go home, during the Double Eviction.

Tyler is still stonewalling JC, but he is wrongly blowing up on Tyler. Yes, JC has had a stellar social game, but like Tyler, Angela and Kaycee, you have to actually win some comps, to enact your will, on the house.

As for Tyler, I love how Tyler almost lost control of all his lies, in front of Angela. He was telling Angela that, as independents, Tyler and JC were the middle men, the moles, spying on both sides. JC was collecting intel on Foutte and Tyler was scouting out Level 6.

Tyler and JC were supposed to keep the sides even, but Tyler eventually worked things, so that Foutte would be completely levelled. Tyler did have a Final 2 with JC, but he has a Final 2 with everybody.

JC thought Tyler was his ‘person,’ but Tyler’s been everyone’s ‘person’ – until he gets said person voted out (Kaitlyn, Brett, Hay, and soon, Sam). Rat recognizes rat – but JC still doesn’t know that, all this time, Tyler was also in Level 6. If he doesn’t win HOH next week, he’s #Done.


Level 6 has won the last 11 competitions, starting with Brett’s veto win, during Fessy’s HOH week. Between the Three – Angela, Tyler and Kaycee – they have won the last 10 competitions.

Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have all won six competitions, a-piece, including twist wins, like Kaycee’s Hacker win and Angela’s win, at the beginning of the game, that put a target on her back and forced her into a duel with Swaggy.

So, Tyler is giving JC a ton of slack – and continuing to play a bang-up social game – when JC, who hasn’t won a single competition, even the non-physical competitions, yells at Tyler, for not winning the veto, for him. JC, Tyler doesn’t owe you anything. He’s lucky Tyler doesn’t tell him this, to his face.

You see, Brett, JC, Sam and possibly even, Kaycee are so loyal, to a fault, that they will do things not in their best interests for Parasite Tyler. Tyler and Brett filled almost the same niche, of the strong, younger guy. Natural selection dictates either Tyler or Brett will survive, but not both. One of them has to go. Why couldn’t Brett fathom that Tyler would be coming after him?

In Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains, Amanda told Parvati to play her idol, and an immediate red flag went up in Parvati’s mind. Parvati then went on to make one of the best moves in Survivor history, by playing her idol and an idol she received from Russell, on her minions, splitting the vote and saving her alliance.

Tyson, who had made a deal with the devil, Russell, to get one of Parvati’s allies, Jerri, out, ended up voting himself out, when his vote for Jerri didn’t count, and the votes for Tyson did. Tyson would have saved himself, if he hadn’t decided to flip, and target Jerri.

In BB20, Tyler told Brett to throw the veto. Why would Tyler tell Brett to throw the veto, if he wanted to keep the Level 6 alliance strong? A red flag should have gone up, in Brett’s head, alerting him to the fact, that Tyler no longer considered him a part of Level 6, and was targeting him.

As for JC, why can’t he see that Tyler keeping these extra two people around, in their Final Four – Angela and Kaycee – is diametrically opposed to Tyler’s Final 2 with himself? To trust Tyler, is to destroy your own game. Tyler is working completely against your self-interest, JC! Wake up!

Tyler’s phenomenal, emotionally-based game can actually explain the weirdness of a bitter jury. People like Kaitlyn, Bay, Hay, Sam, Brett and JC, feel deeply, emotionally connected to Tyler.

The HGs will follow Tyler, even if what he says doesn’t make any sense (the whole plan to backdoor Scottie by pretending to be his friend; claiming Rockstar and Scottie were siblings) or when his plans conflict with their convictions, their games and their self-interest.

Then these followers of Tyler end up in the jury house, and they have no rational explanation, as to why. All they can remember is their emotional connection to Tyler and how that trust was betrayed. They can’t see the strategy at all – because there isn’t much of it, beyond animal magnetism – and then, these jury members become very bitter.

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The Aliquid

Wotan, Odin

The mist came down from the wooded mountains, hugging the gnarled slopes. Once over the lake, the hoary cloud ghosted the glass-like surface. Ran and Alli rode their mountain bikes through twists and turns in the Maine woods. As the sun set and the first stars came out, they braked on the gravel beach of the lake.

The body of water lay behind Kaan’s cabin. Kaan and Beth were in the city for the weekend, for a book signing Beth was doing for the second edition of her novel.

They built a small fire on the beachfront. “Why don’t you release another edition of your book?” Alli asked, “It has been five years, hasn’t it?”

Ran snapped a handful of small twigs in half, to better feed them to the flames, “I just never thought about it. I didn’t feel like I had anything new to say.”

“That’s alright,” Alli said, hanging a pot of water over the fire, “I probably won’t make it out to my five-year college reunion. Sometimes, even a half decade later, you haven’t really taken everything in.”

Ran nodded. They brought wooden chairs from the porch over to the water’s edge. The forest grew darker. The moon rose, like an ice crystal hanging in the hard, unyielding cobalt sky.

Alli went into the cabin for some ingredients. She cooked the tagliatelle al dente, strained it and placed it in two bowls. Ran added some prepared foie gras and shaved a few large flakes of black truffle on top of the mounds of pasta.

They sat watching the clouds float through the blue-violet milieu, eating their supper and listening to the lull between the lapping of the waves.

“Do you ever think of Dallas?” Ran wondered, “Sorry to ask about exes, but you mentioned she had come back to New York?”

Alli shook her head, “No, it’s OK. Kaan never saw her again after that. Yes, I think of her sometimes but really not that much.”

“Were you ever really that close?” Ran opened a bottle of wine.

Alli sighed, “I felt we were – but of course, I was wrong.”

Ran handed her a glass, “Do you think she’s sorry for what she did to you?”

The fruity notes in the merlot were sweet and dry, “No, she doesn’t think about me.”

The first trills of the nightingale sounded through the wood. A group of crows on the other shore rose up, and flew off, in the direction of the mountains.

Ran poured herself another glass, “If I met her, what would you want me to say to her?”

Alli was leaning deep into her chair. She blanched, balancing the wine glass on her belly, over the flannel shirt she was wearing, “Nothing. It’s over. I don’t think about it anymore.”

Another crow cawed in the distance, across the water. An otter slipped into the waves, not far from them, crawling off a log, its serpentine body leaving nary a ripple in the water.

“There must be something you want to say to her. Something that needs to get out.”

Alli closed her eyes, sinking deeper into the cushions, “Not a thing. I’ve moved on. I have you.”

Ran drained her glass, “You know that I care for you, right?”

Alli didn’t open her eyes, “Always.”

The shadows joined the night. The bulbous moon, threw the two figures into sharp relief. The otter slunk back out of the water, sleek as a feline, hair slicked back against its minute skull.

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Gounod – Faust, opera: Salut, demeure chaste et pure (Act 3)