Dialed into Our Evolutionary Suffering

the archaeology of memories
the ministers and the magistrates of heaven
mystic door, hidden military arts
scholastic, left-hand assistant
hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes
bountiful earth, and heavenly mountain
the sun and the moon; fire, and water
a circuit of energy running through the universe

marsh, beach, ice, mountain
stone door temple
heavenly country device
heavenly fire, and water
white heaven, yellow wind
black marsh, white water
jade fire, red mountain
green thunder, white earth
thunder over the mountain

salt mines on the moon of Titan
the time travel observatory committee
love match made in unnatural heaven
the unsheathed sword of the avenger
covenant: return of the oath breaker
the natural movements of the moon
basements, wells, and bunkers
highway trip to a frozen river pass
lost memories of new days past
one step away from being a cult
stitched together, in time

no more room on the other side
a useless job and a useless faith
a computer schematic, on a tv screen
in the navel of the underworld
in the forests of memory
jumping backward through time
the spirit of several generations
dominion over the Pacific
a quantum space-time sinkhole
a dangerous pocket dimension
a quantum problem from the old world
a problem from beyond the limits of time
hard to read, hard to follow, more to follow

the inessential nation
a world that never disappeared
mysteries and loops, in time
perfect crime, perfect storm
patron saint of ants – and other losers
hidden door, forgotten gateway
compressed gateway, fallen door
a fabric of mountains and trees
prehistoric flights across northern Eurasia
choke points and switching stations, in time
constantly rerouted through the sphere of time
inversion points and inflection curves, in time
at the confluence of rivers
a hundred empty spaces

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