New Orleans: Preamble

the sound of an assault weapon
ghosts as a source of justice
avenging angel
like a whole snack
the cry of a pig
blood magic

camp and lamp shading
wear a bull’s head
pig’s head and bull’s head
pig man and bull man
turned into a beast
Circe and her beasts
beast men
beast people

don’t go into the attic
what happens and what we perceive
orbit the minotaur
rubber man, pig man and bull man
objectified sexually
turned into a sexual object
how we perceive virility

who the minotaur is
nursing the minotaur
mother to monsters
Theseus, the minotaur and human sacrifice
Minos and tribute from ancient Greece

the divine female in mythology
female shamans
female alchemists
female scientists, pharmacists, dentists and doctors

true horror
gay folk
a resurrection elixir made with pancreas