tumor spider
the cry of a zombie
the call of the zombie
the orchestra of the dead
spider zombie
alien spider
lumps and knots
tigers and gladiators
the altar of Ra
zombie parade
the new hatred

the Anointed
the Remnant
feral winds
meat, tallow and bread
blood, for time
one hour, beyond the veil

tonight, and tomorrow
the hour consecrated to the djinn
the liminal hour
baptism and consecration
blood on a stone
speak into the beyond
a virgin’s baptism
birth, baptism, sex, marriage, death
the virgin’s fertility
sacrificed on a tree
shaman sacraments

the aggressive virgin
the blood of a virgin
the scent of a virgin
the virgin shaman
blood from a stone
hunted by mortals
the last rite
a virgin’s blood
bravery and humility
the rise of the afrits

real age
true age
the color of the soul
the soul, and not the body
the spell of the resurrection

the body, and not the soul
mortal Bible
mortal religion
the body, without the soul
mortal baptism
life, death and the resurrection
the origins of religion
the beginnings of symbolic thought

came back wrong
the half-breed
the half-djinn
the half-breed queen
victorious half-breed
djinn blood
the doppelganger

the most interesting woman in the world
a curse and a secret
the mortal church
ESP and telepathy
ghosts and visions
blood bond
blood oath

the marriage between mortals and djinn
mortal heaven
quantum portal
portal to the other side
a door to another world
land of the spirits
untethered in limbo
the half-breed’s baptism

land of shadows
spelunking into the abyss
earth, sea, the dead and space
the mist of souls

a portal to the ends of the earth
afrit’s hollow
limbo’s door
the battle for the soul
the anima and reincarnation

come into your glory
come into your exaltation
trial balloon
test balloon
the land, the sea and the dead

soulless reanimation
night magics
the portal between life and death
at the threshold of limbo
haunted and hunted
the haunted and the hunted
at the edge of life and death

the last port of call
the membrane between the worlds
blood magic
the alchemic price
Grand Magus
cross over the barrier
a body, without a soul
the golem
the resurrected shaman

the knife of the new revelation
the knife of the new resurrection
black water
shaman church

tiger steaks
spicy zombies
taste the night
ice ghost zombies
space marine gun laser
a cloud of blood

ragged soul
whiskey and coke
coffee and a haircut
evil raccoon
dragonflies and tequila
pool and beer

the last continent
the knife of the resurrection
exalted in her glory
bright and shining, like the sun
frenzy and ecstasy

raise the dead
power over life and death
wake the dead
the rite of resurrection
a soul and a body
shaman limbo
recycled souls
separated from the soul
a trip to the underworld
into limbo

a soul for a soul
a death, for a birth
the in-between
owed a soul
death and reincarnation
die and reincarnate

a book of spirits
disturb the universe
the glory of your becoming
dark angel
night of nights
psychologically crippled