Transcendental Energies

art you can't anything

message in the bottle excerpt:
Shipwrecked on a tropical island.


streams of ants
flow beneath my toes,
I look up
and am stained with raindrops,
the palm fronds reach above me
and crown my point of view

I run and leap,
the kinetics of my body
clicking and clacking
with the cogs of the universe

I am circling, like the glass,
the frozen, lightning-struck sand,
the obsidian, the blood
and the ice which forms
the serpent between the stars,
biting its tail
in the darkness, I see it;
I see the fiery wheel,
the universe’s grinding gear,
I rocket toward it in dust

matter is cycling in and out
of infinite time and
I am going to and fro,
doors opening, doors closing,
recycling, retracting
restarting, rebuilding
un-crumbling, un-sinking,
reliving, remembering

ultimate reality