Island Get-Away

facing the sun

Dallas and Alli were walking on the beach at sunset. An island get-away. A week on Fiji.

Alli placed her hand in Dallas’s as they strolled, barefoot, over the wet sand and retreating surf. They were headed to the island retreat’s community center for the weekly dance.

Everyone was on the beach. A fire was already going. People’s shadows alternated with the flickering, roaring flames.

“Do you want something to drink?” Alli said.

They both went up to the bar and got mojitos poured over shaved ice, with a slice of lime. The songs mixed together by the DJ echoed across the water.

The two women sat on a log, watching the fire and the cavorting dancers. They had all gone on a boat-plane tour of the island chain a day before.

The waiters began to bring out a full roast pig, on a split. The aroma of fat filled the night air. Another couple from the cruise, also barefoot, came over to their log.

life of leisure

Song: “Always,” from Pure Chill Out (2002).

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