All-Night Dive

all night dive, nighthawks

It was 1:00 am. Cars hurtled down the freeway. The streets were flooded with pedestrians. Girls in flamenco dresses. Guapo cats in pastel-colored suits. Ray was a fry cook in “El Mundo,” an all-night dive, catering to party-goers, with magnificent, greasy, drunk food. All you can eat. 24 hours.

Ray had come down from New York. He had gone to culinary school, studied French cuisine. But now he was here, in front of a hot stove in Miami. “Three omelets, a little bit burnt.”

The omelets were usually jamón con queso, but sometimes there was an ingredient that was a little bit odd: anchovies or spinach. An everything omelet. “Two eggs, sunny side up, on the double.”

Song: “SweetBeach” by CVLTVR∑

Album: Poolside Temples


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