House of Christo


Havana nights. But this isn’t Havana. This is Miami, 1984 – but not quite.

Christo’s pick for city congressman won and she’s throwing a bash for Lensman tonight. Christo is there, with her girlfriend, and her girlfriend brought her sister, who brought her husband.

Christo is the little boss of the neighborhood, the queen of the hustle, in this corner of town, and Ally wanted to be just like her.

Christo took Ally with her on their business lunches with the various firms, around town: the head of the hotel, the boss of the chain of mini-marts. But there was no business tonight, only dancing.

This was the night for celebrations. Their House had secured control over all of downtown. Christo called Ally up to the balcony for a toast.

Song: “夏ハイツ Summer Heights” by CVLTVR∑

AlbumUpscale Loft 高級ロフト


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