the one who cheats

two salt circles
the Great Egg
can you ride the hurricane
the Asura of Wrath
monkeys and lizards
an old god of chaos
the psychic world
Masks and Puppets
Quantum powers of the Unseen World

energy returning to the heavens
there is no moon
Stars and Angels, Palaces and Temples
Learn how to turn back time
Ridiculous and meaningless
shoot the arrow of time
less like a god and more like a person
Dark Parallel Dimension
A being of that time

can you marry the whirlwind
light pole and dark pole
In the land of the gods
bizarre and ruined
it’s your life and I can’t live it for you
What you are aware of, sustains you
Dream Seonbae
Learn how to quantum entangle
The “angel” of shadow

is it a human or is it a god
Gamblers’ Paradise
the country of the gods
polluted dummy “angel”
affirm your existence
Loving Seonbae
the future is real
Asura, “angel” of death
Another Universe

True Sentimentality
Interdimensional Fox-Spirit
challenging god
The Impossible Card

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far away from nowhere

the gods descend
walk with me
butterflies and snakes
cosmic desire
Douglas fir
mythic couple
snowshoe hare
most anywhere but here
Jupiter in Leo

gravitational sounds
ultimate reality
fractals in space
Karma is Forever
Immeasurable Heaven
Spiritual Intensity
Joseph, the Provider
Perkins Mauve

can you be homesick for a person
Migration Period, Germanic tribes
New Wave Resurgence
So Blue, it’s Gray
the Egyptian Empire in Turkey
existential flower
the end of the dream
path of the Huns

when are you
Ruins Covered in Grass
Essenes, Mikvehs and Jesus
Zen monks and physics
Golden Sections
dollars have limitless use
Tigers on Leashes
1980s cell phone
all of everything

Daemon of the South Pole
a purified trajectory, in the sky
a pool of electrons; the return bolt
a line running across Eurasia
bidirectional ray

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 6/17/20.