BB: “The Bayleigh Vote”


Why would Hay cry with Bay, have a house meeting to clear Bay’s name – and then still vote her out?!?

It was crocodile tears on the part of Hay and Fessy. As I said earlier, the only reason they didn’t have the votes, was because Tyler did this Hail Mary pass, with his Cloud app, disillusioning Sam, and making her believe any attempt to save Bay would be useless.

I am sure that if Sam had gone to Bay and said, ‘I’m voting for you to stay,’ Bay would have told Hay and Hay would have gotten Scottie and Fessy to be on-board.

What Foutte doesn’t understand is that you don’t just end up on the right or the wrong side of the vote – you create your own destiny. You create your own majority, your own numbers! This is what Level 6 has been doing from Day One and that’s why they’re cleaning the floor with these Foutte imbeciles.

The only one who genuinely cried for Bay was Sam. Tyler can steamroll all the other n00b NPCs in the house. But if Tyler ever touches Sam – the same way if Bay, had backdoored Scottie – I will never forgive him. Never.

I don’t mind a good villain, but some things just fly over the moral event horizon.

Now Bay is gone for good. I want Sam to stop crying and to fight. Kaycee is a peer and that would be a fair fight. Kaycee is starting tiffs with Rockstar because she’s angry that RS is taking Sam away from her. But your fight isn’t with an elder and a mother of three, Kaycee. If you have any honor, go to the source. You two fight it out and stop moaning and griping behind each other’s backs. Fight or kiss and make up. Geez.

It looks like RS is going to be gone; Sam is going to have to be able to stand on her own two feet and win this thing for herself. The training wheels are coming off. Mom is nowhere in sight!

As for Faysal, crushing him in this critique, just doesn’t feel like a fair fight. He is just – ugh – he has no game-play to speak of. Swaggy said Fessy was his boy, and that once Swaggy was gone, Fessy would “cook” them all. Fessy barely voted for Swaggy to stay and he definitely didn’t vote for Bay to stay. Fessy’s said it himself: the only thing he wants out of this game is Hay(!).

This is ridiculous. You couldn’t have a more useless sack of potatoes. No wonder JC calls Fessy ‘stupid.’ I can’t believe he has survived this far. Hay doesn’t like him; she just likes the male attention she gets from him. I still maintain Brett is better for her. Brett and Hay bring out the best in each other. They have chemistry. They are the best male and female flirts in the house.

Hay and Fessy just seem like a tragic love story (even though Grodner is desperate for a showmance, now that both Swaggy and Bay are gone). Hay recently opened up to Fessy, about being adopted and such, and they got to second base. But it was still Cringe, because all Hay does with Fessy, is pout. He brings out her worst self.

Fessy just seems too desperate with Hay. He knows he has a hot girl and he can’t bear to lose her! If Fessy and Hay were never in the house together, they would have never connected, in the real world.

As for bringing out the worst in Hay, wine in the bathtub, with Tyler, was the lowest common denominator. I said I wouldn’t judge females (or males) that way, but isn’t she proving Sam right, by hoping to get to Tyler, through lust alone?

In the beginning of her HOH week, one convo with Angela, was enough to sway her to nominate Sam. Good thing RS was there, to talk some strategic sense into Hay! Now, Tyler is supposedly not even her target, and she wants Kaycee out. This is the heights of stupidity! This is why half of Twitter wants Foutte gone, so that those who are left can finally start playing the game.

Hay joins the valley of discarded toys, who have been broken by their HOH week – especially if RS goes home this week. Except for Tyler (the first HOH has a bit of a pass, since no one knows anyone yet) and brave-hearted Scottie, the HOH room has brought out the worst in Kaitlyn, Sam, Bay, Angela and now, Hay. Everyone just takes a power trip!

Big Brother is a slower game than Survivor, and that’s just fine, because the conditions of BB are meant to mirror the daily office politics, of real life. A sped-up version of The Sims let’s say. On Survivor, being in the bush, fending for yourself, brings out a person’s true character in a heartbeat.

In the cushy BB house, especially since being a Have-Not is not such a big deal anymore, people’s true selves can simmer under the surface for weeks and weeks. The villain (Tyler) or the floater (Fessy) can sit around for a month, before anyone gets a clue.

If Tyler was on Survivor, like Chris, he would be gone before he could say ‘Surf’s Up, Dude.’ But on BB he gets to sit pretty, until the 11th hour, especially since his HOH win was at the very beginning of the game.

In BB, the only thing that is like the wilderness, that can bring out people’s true face, is the HOH room. Why do you think JC and Kaycee have been avoiding being HOH, thus far? Being HOH forces you to show your cards. It holds a mirror up to your character: will you stir up the pot (Scottie) or just go with the flow, only to be voted out next week (Bay)?

Hay may have a higher IQ, than most people in the house, but her social game, as even she seems to know, rests almost entirely on her looks. Hay knows Tyler is coming after her. Hay knows Tyler knows that she came after him. If it wasn’t for this breather of a HOH week, she would be gone. Next week, Hay, of course, cannot play in the HOH comp. Let’s see if, like Bay, Hay is gone, one week later.

As for Tyler, it’s only too bad, that he was rightly persecuting Bay for having a power, but when he spills the beans on his power, he isn’t being held accountable. Hold another house meeting Sam, except make this one count. Expose the snake!


Tankers and Feebs

knee kick

Ran stood outside the hotel door, right at peep-hole height. Kaan opened the door, in a cashmere sweater and jeans, “You’re early.”

“Didn’t want you to brood,” Ran said, “Ferment in your own brine.”

“Was I interrupting anything?” Kaan asked.

“No,” Ran answered, “Alli went up to her parents’ house this afternoon. I was left with nothing to do, on a rainy evening.”

Kaan waved Ran in and closed the door, “She didn’t take you?”

“Well, we did just meet,” Ran said, taking in the room, glancing at the chefs on the television set.

Kaan opened the ice bucket and fixed them both two fingers of Fireball whiskey. They sat on the couch.

“How is Beth?” Ran wondered.

“She’s fine,” Kaan said, “She likes the cabin, and Maine. I admit, I’m shocked.”

“Yes, she was always more of a city girl,” Ran said, sipping her whiskey, “She studied literature in NYU. We were in the same Creative Writing classes together. We were the brat pack, with our first books published right out of college.”

“Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed,” Kaan said, impressed.

“You wouldn’t have put it past her, would you?” Ran grinned.

“No, no, I’m not that mean,” Kaan laughed.

Ran drank the rest of her whiskey and got up, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Kaan also stood up, “Yes, let’s. I’ve festered in here long enough.”

Out on the city streets, a light drizzle was falling. They caught a cab going Downtown, to Labyrinth.

It was Leather Night at the club. The place was packed with party-goers in black leather jackets and black leather police caps. Kaan and Ran were in the minority, wearing gray and navy-blue blazers, respectively.

At the bar, they ordered margaritas. Ran chewed on her slice of lime. On the stage, a chain-link fence and metal posts had been erected around an octagon. Two amateur female MMA fighters were going at it in a cage fight. The mosh pit of spectators roared their various notes of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

“Alli’s been through a great deal,” Kaan began, “Are you going to do right by her?”

“Of course! I would, but -” Ran cut herself off.

“What?” Kaan asked, sitting up.

Ran turned to her, “She’s stuck on someone else.”

“Who?” Kaan demanded, and then closed her eyes, “Oh.”

“We look alike apparently,” Ran said, “She is with me, but her mind – her spirit – is obviously elsewhere.”

Kaan fidgeted, “Well, they were together in high school. First loves and all.”

“So, I’m the repeat,” Ran said, “I don’t know whether to be perturbed or flattered.”

“It is possible to hold two competing ideas in your mind, at the same time,” Kaan shrugged, taking a sip of her drink.

“Like her!” Ran said, spreading her hands wide, “Why do I feel like the cuckold here?”

Kaan gave her a look, “I don’t think you should.”

A swift kick to the face brought one of the contenders down. She did not get up. The other fighter stood over the fallen foe in victory, for a moment, before being pushed out of the way by the ref.

“Do you think that some of them throw fights, for gangs or whatever?” Ran said, facing the cage on her stool.

“Sure,” Kaan said, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Ran looked back at Kaan, “Do you think people throw relationships too?”

The corners of Kaan’s smirk turned down a few notches, “C’mon Ran. I imagined you to be a tougher soul than this.”

Ran looked back at the scene in the ring. The cadre of the two fighters were yelling at each other, as paramedics pulled the flattened fighter off the mat. The crowd in the pit ate it up, screaming for more.



Saint-Saens – Samson et Dalila, “Mon cœur s’ouvre à ta voix”