It’s Understood

learning to juggle, in gym class
circle X, figure 8
the year of dinosaurs, the year of space shuttles
they always come back
something abstract and minimalist
bring the average up
it’s like putting an acid and a base together
gays of a certain age
quinoa, quiche, ceviche

the second brain
tri-fold display boards and acrostic poems
what you do in this moment
a finger of whiskey
genius, genie, the spirit of a place
fake recognizes fake
strength, utility, and beauty
the year of yo-yos, the year of wrestling
a folding bike and an iPod Nano

obligatory Titanic reference
saying things, without saying anything
an index of memories and perceptions
half-siblings who diverged
when you look at your life
an inside-out shirt
a map of my playlists
I’m not in love, I’m angry
bright as the day

the oldest kid feels it the most
I’m not in love; my heart is broken
no more love songs; staying home
it’s like watching a sad movie on an airplane
the older generation of gays
“staying with the trouble”
I’m no longer under 30 anymore
all the little slights, all the little cuts
unspoken, understated, unstated

ellipses, blank spaces
all the things you didn’t say
learning is the first act of creation
scrolled over the same name twice

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 3/8/21. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. All art, not from the author, belongs to the original artists. This particular photo is of the standing stones in Callanish, Hebrides, in the UK.

BB: The Rainbow Flag

-crying- Lol

Siblings are meant to be rivals and challenge each other – but to not be close to your parents, close to one parent or close to each parent, in a different way – is truly something and is quite sad.

“Beggars can’t be choosers” – so the saying goes. I talked about this, about a week ago. Why didn’t Brett and JC rally all the misfit toys and pull together a minuteman militia?? I get it, Rockstar is a pretty unique individual. But, each person is a vote and each person can row together, with the team. You had a ragtag Dumbledore’s Army, to lead, right there, JC!

There are bisexuals, but the two big groups of people are people who like men and people who like women. Gay males and straight females tend to be friends and gay females and straight males tend to be friends.

Sometimes, outside of the realm of social justice, it’s hard for most gay males and gay females to have a ton of things in common. So, I get it, if JC didn’t immediately gravitate to Kaycee. But Angela? It’s odd that the both of them had so very little to say to each other (??). No one is going to throw JC a lifesaver, as he floats, in the wake of the downed Titanic.

Bitterness Level? JC is a 9 out of 10, as of now – especially if the Three sit him down and tell him that he really didn’t know what was going on, in the game and that a mega-alliance was running the show, for almost the entire season.

I am never a fan of dropping hints to people, that they’re going home. Rob is very much against this idea and says as much, in The Evolution of Strategy series – detailing all of the Survivor seasons – several times.

The emotional approach makes the victor want to feel sorry for the vanquished and put them out of their mercy. But this depends on how you define ‘mercy.’

Telling someone he or she is going home – that the house or the tribe is going to execute them – only draws out the pain and makes the mark suffer more. The HG or the tribe member, sitting on Death Row, may become despondent or desperate and do something crazy, like the oft-quoted ‘dumping the rice.’

The death-throe thrashing of the defeated hurts the group, as a whole. A swift blindside is more merciful, for everyone involved, even if he or she is initially more bitter. For JC and Sam, the silence of the lambs is preferred to the reverse.

Speaking of Sam, she talks a big game, but never does anything. If Sam was so upset, she should have taken out Tyler and won the half-million. Don’t talk about doing it; do it.

Sam should have channeled all this talk, about lead pipes and curb stomping, into altering her fate, in the game. Now, it’s too late and she’s going home. Should-have, could-have; could-a, would-a. “A day late and a dollar short,” as Angela would say.

let go