Nazi Rocket, Part II

witchy formula
alligator woman
organic chemistry
rockets and explosives
demo team

black powder
chemical equations and TNT
shamans and warlocks and alchemists
from cracking divination bones, over a fire, to science
radar-silent airplanes
dyes, film, plastics and pharmaceuticals

rocket test
firing at the eternal zero
the bicycle wheel of the sun
scattering tarot cards, at the crossroads
divine mother
telekinetic death
cosmic phoenix
from the ashes, an elixir of youth

regeneration, rebirth
Pluto’s catharsis
chemicals in the crucible
microbes clinging to an asteroids
the comet of the new salvation
space virus
scattered among the universe
somewhere beyond time

New Orleans, Part III

a unique barcode
international cool kid
the shedding of blood
tethered to this world
blood is the soul; the soul is binding magic
sex energy
bound by blood, in alchemy
blood spell, blood transmutation

a formula for soul energy
binding and tethering
blood shed on this soil
a ritual of blood
shamans reaching the older gods
the first generation of gods
holy ancient ancestor

blood and genes
angels and djinn
spirit energy
alchemists descended from shamans
Scorpios and Pisces

sky, beyond sky
shamanism and communion with the great beyond
the new autistics
hanging out of this world and into the next
what happened there

zombie phone
autistic drone
angry fishes
messed with the wrong person
shredding and controlled demolitions
closure – there is a beginning, and there is an end
the organic torn apart by the industrial
psychopaths and serial killers

head transplant
the sacred circle
reduced to meat and parts
made of meat
fur and feathers
dead bird
dog claws, bird talons and deer hooves
heralding the birth of the messiah/antichrist

potions, bindings and invocations
limited to the chalk transmutation circle
summoning djinn
King Solomon’s temple
King Solomon’s ring
sacred architecture
sanctified to the gods and the ancestors
alchemy, medicine, surgery and science
wake from a cryogenic sleep
live forever

the djinn of King Solomon
prior intelligent species, on a spiritual plane
beings made of fire, not earth
a thousand flaming seraphim
a seat in the spirit realm
the gods, the djinn and the angels
ancient lost ancestor
space phoenix

reading intestines and dragon bones
the labyrinth is the guts of a bull
within the bull, with the minotaur
ancient symbolism and burial mounds
original ember
the story of Mithra underground
the bull cult
the mysticism of the resurrection

true divination
priestesses and shamans
the alchemic order
a land that resonates, with its own energy
blood dedicated to the land
church graveyard spectral dog