BB: Tyler’s Dilemma – “Over It”

lol entourage

Brett and Hay will definitely be back, for future seasons.

Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have won 15, out of 18, of the last competitions – as of the Double Eviction. Tyler and Angela have 4 HOH wins, between them, now. The last time anyone, other than Tyler, Angela or Kaycee, won a competition, was back when Fessy won HOH and Brett won the veto – and then Scottie went home. Think about that, for a moment.

Brett has just been voted out, so the Brett fans are trying to coalesce around JC. If Kaycee can possibly beat Tyler, in the Final Two – JC can possibly beat Tyler, in the Final Two. JC and Kaycee have both been in my Final Five, since the beginning. All of these latecomers are now hopping on the JC train; I liked JC before he was cool!

Braleigh evicted, in a one-two shot! I still can’t believe it – even though I have been predicting their demise, from the beginning of the season. Braleigh had many good attributes: funny, relatively smart, flirty, good-looking.

Compared to most BB players – especially Hay, with her youthful age, of 21 – Brett and Hay are very good game-players. But compared to Tangela, Braleigh was just average. Tangela was playing on an entirely different level. Coming right into the game, I already knew there were tiers, to the talent. Foutte, including Hay, were in Tier 3, on the bottom.

Brett and independents, like Sam and JC, were Tier 2 – they were playing a marginally better game than Tier 3 but were still clueless about many subjects (for example, JC not knowing that Level 6 even existed). Tier 1 is reserved almost exclusively for Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. Yes, Kaycee – even though I would agree that, as of now, she is the weakest, out of the three Tier 1 players.

So, I sensed this hierarchy at the beginning of the game. I knew Braleigh was good TV but would eventually be toast, as far as gameplay. One can claim hindsight is 20/20, but I never got on the Brett or Hay trains and then, it just so happens that they go out on the same night – Double Eviction Night. I didn’t predict, specifically, that Brett and Hay would leave during the Double Eviction, but as far as the inherent boot order, it was time for Braleigh to go, sorry to say, for all the Hay and Brett fans, out there – of which, there are many.

Since we’re on the subject of self-calls, Sam is still in the game – and Brett is gone. Sam has broken my heart, over and over, this season – but like a loving girlfriend or a worried mother, I keep coming back, to her. I am not ready to say she’s consciously playing the game again – but she is still, in a way, playing the game.

JC is scared; he’s rightfully distancing himself from Brett. But Tyler was eying both JC and Brett, for extinction – Tyler just took out Brett, because Brett was the bigger target, relative to JC. JC should be shaking in his boots, because he may go next – even before Sam. Sam was in my original Final Five, and despite all her cockamamie antics, Sam is still in my Final Five.

Of my Final Five, only Scottie has left the game – and he even battled his way back, into the game! Angela, Kaycee, Sam and JC are still all left. As a viewer and a fan, you’re just on this weird roller coaster, with Sam, when you sign up to be a patron, of Sam’s game. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, I am a patron of poor Sam’s game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tyler got out his rival Brett, and with the departure of Brett, the tribe – I mean, the house – exorcised the root of many squabbles, betwixt themselves. Brett – who is gone and can no longer defend himself – is being blamed, in absentia, for, among other things: 1) turning Tyler and JC against each other (Tyler: ‘I was jealous of all the time you were spending, with Brett’ – playing into JC’s own jealousies and insecurities and getting an instant agreement, from JC) 2) threatening to take out JC (Tyler is basically saying, ‘I saved you JC; you owe me. You should be thanking me.’) 3) trying to get Sam to turn against Angela and Kaycee. It’s Brett, the scapegoat.

how i see most lower enlisted

A Heart Made of Ground

when i'm with you

There’s the rider.

The only constant is the horse and it’s always moving.

Ride down Main Street; pass in and out of the town.

Hear the hooves in the dirt.

Splash through the gully; stand in the stirrups like a jockey.


Stand up in the saddle. Put your full weight on the horse

Let it rear. Give chase.

Shoot out of town.

Ride down the canyon

into the ghostly horizon.


Down in the deserted places

there sits the owl and the cockatrice,

the stork and the dragon,

bones and lizards,

swine and ravens and unclean things.


When the horse dies, trod off

with graying clothes bleached by light

and shoes with soles that are falling off.

Gloves of thinning leather,

two silver pistols and spark and ash,

a target to shoot and never catch

and a hat that’s lost its firmness.


It’s not about the horse;

the horse isn’t the important thing.


Ride on forever and never die

even when arm bones fall apart.

Ride until outline, form and mold of body dissolves,

the water in the vessel pouring out,

unraveling large, sharp shards.


Nothing is permanent.

Ghosts are meant to exist in the desert.


A person of light stands on the black shelf above, beckoning;

it’s a form of someone who exists below.


There’s a human outline in the dust,

a space created by the wind,

a hole in the maelstrom.


There’s a rock formation that looks like a person,

There’s a person glowing in the night vision binoculars.

Run down the road at night.

Squint and never really see.


For every person out there,

there is a second person out there

living out the same exact life as you.

Out here, there’s only two.


A satellite dangles in the cold.

The skull of the sky shudders and turns overhead,

An arrow of light strikes in the darkness,

a thread pulling you over the gravel;

it’s pulled by an outline, a space,

stepping over clouds and stars.


Run, crawl, gallop and scramble

over dusty mountains to get there.

Give chase to the end, blue and frozen,

drenched in snow and ice.

Someone is flashing like a lighthouse

but soon that outline will disappear.