BB: Sitting Duck

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If production had called the violation, in the heat of the moment, fine. But there is a statute of limitations here, like in sports. Production can’t go back and reset the entire week, after-the-fact. That wouldn’t be fair to everyone. ‘Fairness’ is also relative. We live in a “random,” quantum world and a game, as a controlled environment, can mitigate that randomness, only so much.

The moral of the story is that no matter what twists are thrown in: battle-backs, power-apps, hacker comps – bad players will be bad players and skillful players will be skillful players. It will always come down to how one plays the game.

I blame Scottie for the absolute blow-out of this week. Scottie was the best one, to come back in, from the jury house. However, Foutte is going to Foutte (that’s a new verb now) – so, even Foutte’s best player is the worst player, in a house of mostly Level 6 players.

Scottie just wasted this opportunity. From the time he came back in, championing #Scyler, you knew Scottie was going to bungle this. He was ‘just happy to be here.’ But that’s not enough! Even if you don’t have a traditional goal, you must still have a goal. You have to be motivated by something.

Scottie is a super-fan, but it seems like he is simply watching the show, from inside the house! Scottie just didn’t have that groundbreaking, epiphany moment, like JC had last week, when JC knew that he didn’t just want to make Final Four or Final Two, but he wanted to win the game. Second-best just isn’t going to cut it.

Speaking of JC, if I had known JC was so smitten by Tyler, I wouldn’t have rated him so highly. JC is still hanging on, by his fingernails, to the ledge of my Final Five, because JC and Brett are beginning to make plans, but JC needs to realize that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee don’t owe him anything.

Yes, JC stuck his neck out, and worked as a mole, collecting information for Level 6, from Foutte. But, as I highlighted in my last analysis, JC hasn’t had to touch the block and he hasn’t had to take on the ‘face’ of the organization, as HOH. Level 6 and Tyler essentially shielded JC from going home, during the first month. JC holding his work, for Level 6, over their heads, is already rubbing Tyler and Angela the wrong way.

JC also keeps confronting Tyler about this Tangela nonsense. As I alluded to, last time, what do you think Tyler is going to tell you, JC?? Tyler is never going to admit that #Tangela exists! Every time JC asks Tyler those mega-obvious questions Tyler is going to deny, deny, deny. Never, in a thousand years, will Tyler ever say ‘yes’ to your questions, JC!

Yes, it is a bad strategy for Tyler to continue to claim Tangela doesn’t exist. Tyler should just own it and say ‘Yes, what are you going to do about it?’ Then Tyler can move on and go back to the game, because Tangela has really distracted him and made Tyler mush – highly strategic mush, but still mush.

However, as long as Tyler continues to obfuscate, he’s not going to give JC a different answer. The time for talking is over. It’s time for JC to do something about it! Get over this crush on Tyler, JC! Tyler isn’t going to take JC to the Final Two! He was never going to take JC to the Final Two! JC is finally understanding this, but by the time JC and Brett act, it may be too late.

Which brings us to Brett: as the Trickster archetype, Brett is actually more of a beta person or an omega person. JC needs to take the lead here. The problem is that the two of them are both wringing their hands, like Hamlet, afraid to make a move!

JC and Brett keep hoping that someone, like Hay or Sam, can be tricked into not targeting each other, and can be convinced to take out Tyler or Angela, instead – for JC and Brett. But these two have to recognize that no one is going to do it for you! There are only about three weeks left in this game. Three weeks to half-a-million dollars!! Wake up! Take out Tyler, the huge sitting duck.


BB: Mr. Vain AKA “The Middle Way”

JC lol

I love Braleigh; they are the most fun and flirty showmance, of the season. And their attraction doesn’t hurt their game, although the question can be asked, as to where Hay’s game is. What game? Her game is out to lunch. On break.

I am glad I called it, on Scottie returning. He is Foutte’s Call for Fire. He became a HOH, won the POV, during his own HOH week, and evicted Winston. Scottie just had to have an unrequited crush on Hay, torpedo his game.

Fessy doesn’t care about the game. All he could see was Hay. As I said before, his behavior was utterly tragic. He basically gave up, during his last week in the house.

Of course, Fessy would be jealous and vicious and not warn Scottie against re-initiating #Scyler. Scottie is going back into the house, where Hay is, and Brett is still in the house, too. Dejected Fessy gives way to scornful, petty and bitter Fessy.

I and Hay both, are simply relieved that Fessy left, and Scottie came back, instead of Fessy. I hope Faleigh is over for good and doesn’t resume after the show.

Now, Scottie is in huge trouble. He has returned to the house, but he may be kicked right back out again. Tyler, in his second HOH reign, is logically targeting Hay and Scottie, for the block.

Did you know, that, in the beginning, Scottie wanted to be Tyler’s friend, but Tyler shunned him and gave him the cold shoulder, rejecting Scottie, for the cool kids club, of Level 6? Scottie got sidelined, dumped on the island of misfit toys, along with Steve. That should give you an idea about the prospects of Scyler. For Scottie, Tyler’s heart is ice-cold.

Scottie may come bearing gifts, but of the two, Hay is more likely to put up Sam and one member of Level 6, while Scottie, if so inclined and sufficiently enraged, would put up two members, or allies, of Level 6: Kaycee and Angela, Tyler and Angela, Brett and Tyler, Kaycee and JC – you never know.

#Tangela makes even Tyler and Level 6 fans barf. If Tyler and Angela link up, after the game, fine. But win the game first, like Rob and Andrea, in Survivor, and then get married, and ride off, happily ever after, into the sunset.

Tyler is being confused by his heart. Yes, JC has been flailing, since losing Fessy, as a host. However, JC is not blinded by a love for Angela – even if his unrequited love for Tyler might be tripping JC up. JC is pushing Tyler to go after Kaycee and Angela.

JC’s full plan is the Middle Path for himself to stay and win the game, without even Fessy, Brett or Tyler. JC must get Tyler or Brett to take out Angela or Kaycee, for JC. He’s not going to be on the bottom of Level 6.

JC is not even in Level 6, but he’s not going to go first. JC is going to end this Tangela #Cringe and get back on track. JC can still win the whole game. He’s still in my Final Five.

JC must also maneuver to keep Hay, over Sam, so that he can use Hay, to go after Sam – if she’s still there, when Hay stays – and target Brett, Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. Scottie has seen through JC and is too devoted to Tyler.

JC can’t use Scottie anymore, so Scottie has to go, instead of Hay. JC re-evict Scottie and use Hay and Tyler to mop up Level 6, before eliminating Hay and finally being the one to evict Tyler!

Last week, I said Angela should make a big move, and put up Brett and Tyler, instead of Hay and Fessy. Start the Level 6 civil war! There’s no avoiding it. This schism is going to happen anyway, whether Level 6 likes it or not.

This week, I am being fair, to the other side of Tangela: Tyler’s big move would be to put up Angela and Kaycee, and watch Angela go home, while his Final Two with Kaycee, remains intact.

Wipe out the competition now, when no one expects it. Level 6 just waiting, for all of Foutte to exit the house, isn’t going to cut it anymore! Fire the first shot! Enliven the feeds!

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