Revisiting #BB20 and #BB21

"Scottie is 99.99% going home" Fessy actually got Hay, in real life, so he was vindicated. "This week has been a wake-up call not just for the weakness of Scottie’s game, but Hay’s as well." I liked how #BB21 just gave up on showmances, and just did the more realistic thing: FWBs. Way easier. No … Continue reading Revisiting #BB20 and #BB21

BB: Tyler and His ‘Dumb Girls Alliance’

Tyler is trying to mimic Russell Hantz, with Russell and his "Dumb Girl Alliance." I am generally not predisposed to showmances. Swayleigh - gone. Faleigh - on the way to both being gone. Tangela includes two players that are talented enough to survive a showmance, but the making out dulls some of their strategic sharpness. … Continue reading BB: Tyler and His ‘Dumb Girls Alliance’

BB: Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong AKA #BeefSauce

Hay's youth is showing. She's very smart, but only 21 and impressionable. She's mature, an 'old soul,' for her age but her adult life has only just begun. Hay is completely on the outs and it's really sad. However, especially since production is giving her a bulletproof edit, because she is so young, CBS might … Continue reading BB: Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong AKA #BeefSauce