it’s always personal
running through the airport
it’s never just business
it’s going to be a bad breakup
consolidations, constrictions, contractions
ginkgo and fig leaves
this circle is really a square
no reason to forgive
Christmas 2019

it was a double-blind experiment
rejection, ejection
center of symmetry, center of gravity
leaving and never returning
when the continents were in different places
for now, not forever
nobody wants me
who has the winner’s edit
“you think you can do these things, but you can’t”

left up there, at the top of the world
your brain running on a sine wave
you’re a black belt
a Soviet space dog
Fortress Pillow
rebuild our Edge, rebuild the New Kingdom
one light to stave away the cold
a nation that stretched across the top of Eurasia
failed messiah; advent never arrives

dark forest, frozen lake, midnight sun
the gifts of the air
why should I celebrate failure
to feel and to live alone
platitudes that say nothing
a thing that sounds like some self-help nonsense
beautiful but incomprehensible
we live on a diamond
you only get one life

alluvial fans and alluvial plains
a moment on the Other Side
analyze it into the ground
we live in a circle, mirroring each other

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 2/24/21. Copyright, All Rights Reserved. All art, not from the author, belongs to the original artists. This particular illustration is called “The Temptation of St. Anthony,” by Salvador Dali.

Pratfall – A Circle, Week 3, Epic

Rebecca was just far too blown away, by the reveal of a known liar, for her to win. Seaburn picked the confirmed catfish, over an actual ally. Who cares if Adam was in love with Rebecca, a catfish – or not? That’s the whole point! Why would Seaburn go in as a catfish, if he couldn’t handle the real-life connections, that would naturally occur, if his catfish persona succeeded? Seaburn really messed up here.

Seaburn is really young and has only been with his current girlfriend, in his entire life, it seems. He wasn’t in the dating scene for very long, before he met Rebecca. Seaburn’s flirtation game was very weak, on the show. But at least he wasn’t as bad as Adam. The game was really difficult for Alex – and what Adam thought was flirting. Alex also had a huge inferiority complex over his perceived hotness level. It was Adam versus Alex.

Seaburn even talked to the Circle differently, from how he talked to everyone else – in real life. He was much more dialed in, than anybody else. He wasn’t lying – he truly believed in what he was saying. He based Rebecca on his actual girlfriend. It’s a long-term relationship and he hasn’t had many relationships. Everything fit for Seaburn. Plus, people inexperienced at flirting, usually oversell it.

The Super-Influencer was the sole vote for blocking one candidate – and that vote was allowed to be anonymous. The rankings also weren’t revealed immediately – giving people ample time to blow up their games. This situation also gave people more time for a video message to give someone more rope to hang themselves with – just like how Antonio destroyed Mercedes’s game. The twist was that the Super-Influencer had to do the blocking in person, an interesting downside.

Sean was the fakest one, out of the bunch. She laid it on so thick and she was fishing for so many compliments. It’s a game show; get over it. Sean came in late; did she really think she could win? Keep telling yourself you’re the real winner, Sean. Her whole story was one giant eyeroll. She was a one-dimensional character: she absolutely reduced herself down to a single concept.

Like I said, last week, the new people were added too late – for it to matter, for the audience to even care. This made for an easier set of strategic decisions, for the original cast. Once production added Ed and Bill, viewers were just exasperated. There was no way for these rookies to win. They were like mere trainees, up against established singers, who had already debuted. Sean, Ed and Bill were no more than early boots and cannon fodder. The Circle suffered from too many fresh players entering, too far along, in the game.