serial killers and aliens aliens are real the home of aliens the descendants of aliens aliens in Germany and Nazi rockets touched by the hand of an alien space travel and peak alien humanity manipulated by aliens the truth comes out between Nazis and aliens they broke into our world, and shifted history homeland in … Continue reading Grey-scale

BB: “I Reckon, Over Yonder – Yes, I Did”

The #JODY game rears its head again - this time between Fessy and Brett, instead of Tyler and the evicted Swaggy. Sam and I are both tired of a conventional game, on the part of everyone, who is not Tyler or JC. I too, like Sam, am ready to stomp metaphorical, strategic "mudholes" and turn … Continue reading BB: “I Reckon, Over Yonder – Yes, I Did”

BB: The Story of Bay

The initial anger, surrounding the backdoor is wearing off, and sadness is beginning to set in. Thanks Bay. #7StagesOfGrief It's been fun. (Not.) July 26th: “Last call for Swayleigh” (This was before Kaitlyn had even left the house.) … a war has been raging among the dedicated disciples of Bay: those who claim to be the true … Continue reading BB: The Story of Bay