R.I.P., Part III


Welcome to Survivor

20. Natalia - industrial engineer; hot-head, bossy The Oh-No You Didn't - will go off 19. Angelina - Stanford, Masters from Yale, in management, not finance; high maintenance Meredith Grey - young, professional intense woman, overthinks, gets a blind-slide 18. Cowboy Carl - the truck driver True Grit - older athletic or military male; tough … Continue reading Welcome to Survivor

BB: The Story of Bay

The initial anger, surrounding the backdoor is wearing off, and sadness is beginning to set in. Thanks Bay. #7StagesOfGrief It's been fun. (Not.) July 26th: “Last call for Swayleigh” (This was before Kaitlyn had even left the house.) … a war has been raging among the dedicated disciples of Bay: those who claim to be the true … Continue reading BB: The Story of Bay