Lost’s “Greater Good:” OK-ish Fine

Simultaneously, I understood Shannon’s grief and anger, and I also wanted Shannon to forgive Locke – if only to set her own heart free. Shannon should have gotten some flashbacks, after Boone’s funeral. Shannon was totally justified here, in seeking justice for Boone, and in dumping Said. Shannon deserved so much more here. No one is on her side, and her only family, in the entire world – her brother – just died, and seemingly no one is at fault, and no one really seems to care.

Locke got off easy, for his unintentional role in Boone’s death. Some facets of his reintegration happened way too fast. Locke continued to play coy, and hide the Hatch from people, even when that omission cost Boone his life. Said and Locke are both on journeys, involving wholeness – that are currently going in opposite directions. Said lost Nadia. Locke regains the use of his legs. But spiritually and ethically, Said is more whole, while Locke is only really connected to the Island.

Said isn’t perfect, however. He doesn’t listen to Shannon or comfort her or relate to her. As a cute meet they work, but once Boone dies, Said isn’t emotionally there for Shannon. To Said’s credit, he doesn’t know what to do or how to help her. They are no longer equally yoked, and they temporarily go their separate ways. Heartbroken, Said then gets Locke to take him to the Hatch. Locke can’t manipulate or push around Said, like he did to Boone.

Locke becomes the Losties’ mercenary, their meat shield, against the Others. Rightfully, no one trusts Locke anymore. Even Walt gives up on him. Somewhere, on the road to perdition, paved with good intentions, one passes the greater good fallacy and the problem of evil. Locke passes the moral event horizon, when Boone dies.

Boone was a person. He was even an OK person – definitely not an evil person. He died a hero, but he didn’t deserve to be sacrificed, for the so-called “greater good.” The stakes were higher. He wasn’t just some random, part-time lifeguard; he was a member of the Losties’ tribe. Boone’s death wasn’t about Jack, or Shannon, or Locke, or even Said. It was about Boone.

BB: “Loyal, Honesty, Trust” AKA The Cat’s Paw

How I feel about most people

Game recognizes game; rat recognizes rat.

JC has played a bang-up game. He’s definitely a Tier 2 player. But as I have mentioned, a couple of times before, JC has a real blind spot, when it comes to Tyler.

Remember, one of the #48LawsOfPower is ‘Don’t Commit to Anyone.’ This doesn’t mean don’t get married; it means don’t believe in someone, so much, that you could completely overlook the possibility that said person, might be lying to you.

JC has had an otherwise airtight, rock-solid game, but his inability to see that Tyler has a Final Two, with Kaycee and a showmance, with Angela, defies all logic, at this point.

Angela has now put JC and Sam up on the block. The hammer is coming down. Why would Tyler risk alienating Kaycee, by backdooring her, at this late stage, in the game, when they have had a bulletproof Final Two, for this entire season?

JC still doesn’t even know Level 6 exists. Heck, before yesterday, JC didn’t even know that Angela used to be a professional athlete.

There’s a ton of things that JC doesn’t know, even though he’s done so much for Tyler and Level 6. JC was Tyler’s cat’s paw. Tyler was the monkey that used JC’s paw, to get the chestnuts, out of the fire. JC is about to get burned, instead of him.

JC has put all his eggs, into Tyler’s basket! He has no one else! It’s too late to go back to Angela and Kaycee and either turn them against each other or get one of them to work with him, to get rid of Tyler.

Angela never liked JC, anyway. JC and Sam have always been friends, but their friendship hasn’t really translated into power, in the game. JC doesn’t have a paddle left, on this creek!

JC will definitely win, if he can get to the end. JC would need to win, at least, two competitions, now, just to give him a sturdy footing against the Three – Tyler, Angela and Kaycee.  Tangela and Kaycee have swept the competitions and ran the game, since almost a month ago.

It turns out that most of the Level 6 fans were Brett fans. Brett was the consummate showman, but now the Brett fans are waking up – and finally becoming Anti-Tyler. Tyler’s mask has been slipping more and more, lately. Laugh at Sam all you want, but Tyler is a snake; he’s a snitch.

My prediction, that Tyler’s ice-cold, vampire nature would rise to the surface, is coming to fruition. “Tell your friends,” indeed. Tyler better stay “two steps ahead,” because JC, Kaycee and even Sam, could still win, at this point.

always come in w. low expectations