BB: “Rockdud”

Bay and Swaggy just weren't Wendell and Laurel. They were always going to break everyone's hearts. There's no winning against Tyler stans or Level 6 stans, in general. Of course, Level 6 and the independents are playing a better game, but their stans feel so entitled to Level 6's game, like they're the ones, in … Continue reading BB: “Rockdud”


BB! Kaitlyn and Winston – oh boy!

O____O. W.O.W. Oh my goodness.... Kaitlyn...It's one thing if you're just not jiving with the people in the house - it's quite another to let this ill will then spill out into the wider BB community.... #Speechless. Jessica Graf had a right to be severely nonplussed with Kaitlyn's reaction and what she said, supposedly, in … Continue reading BB! Kaitlyn and Winston – oh boy!